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50 Magenta hair color Ideas for brave women

Women with strong personalities will often express fearless possibilities, such as magenta hair color. We realize that Magenta is not for everyone, but it looks nothing less than sublime to women who can rock it with pride. Alternatively, there are also subtler magenta tones. Find out more about all your options below!

1. Light magenta hair color

50 Magenta hair color Ideas for brave women women magenta ideas color brave


If you choose Magenta hair color for your next makeover, you will probably want it to stand out. For this we recommend a vivid shade of magenta that will lighten your overall look. Consider this approach if you have an equally open personality.

2. Short magenta hair

Pixie cuts have been trend for years, due to their mix of edgy and classy. Whether you want to give your pixie a feminine touch or just want to make pop, magenta is the answer. Choose your favorite color and spice up your pixie instantly.

3. Magenta hair color on weave

One of the numerous benefits that weaving hairstyles have is variety. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and cuts without damaging your natural hair. Magenta is the perfect example of a color that you can not obtain naturally, but can rock with a fabric or wig.

4. Bob with magenta hair

50 Magenta hair color Ideas for brave women women magenta ideas color brave


Just like Pixies, bobsleigh haircuts have been a top trend for some years now. Like the Pixie Cut, an asymmetrical or inverted bob is a characterful hairstyle. You can increase your bob’s setting by coloring it magenta.

5. Bright magenta hair color

Some women may prefer a more discreet magenta for their hair. In this case, you can use a lighter tone of magenta that is near Rose. Of course you can concentrate on purple or pink tints all over your hair, but make sure that the mixture results in a beautiful magenta.

6. Dark magenta hair color

A dark hue of magenta is just as phenomenal as a lighter or brighter one. In fact, deeper magentas are characterized by rich undertones. In many situations, you can also enjoy extra highlights that sparkle in the sun when you are outside.

7. Shadow Roots and Magenta Hair

We have to admit that magenta is not the lightest hair color. If you dye your hair magenta from the roots to the tips, the result may be a bit flashy. Nevertheless, you can start with shadow roots and blend them into magenta barriers.

8. Velvet Magenta hair

What could be better than a full head of velvety magenta hair? We hate to break you, but it’s not easy to get that rich hue. Instead, we recommend working with a professional colorist to get the vivid magenta you always dreamed of.

9. Magenta hair tips

Not all women yearn for a full magenta hairstyle. In fact, some just look for a bit of color to spice up their hair. If you are not sure if Magenta is right for you and you want to try it, coloring tips is the best option. It is also great if you want to emphasize the lower part of your hair.

10. Pale magenta hair

We have all recently witnessed the trend of pale hair color. Whether red, blue or even magenta, girls around the world are rocking delicate alternatives to bold colors. We recommend that you try the technique with magenta if you want a soft result.

11. Magenta hair color highlights

Similar to magenta lace, highlights in this color are perfect for seducing your hair. Magenta highlights look great on a dark “canvas”, which means it helps if you have natural brown or black hair. Anyway, try it, no matter what your natural hair color is.

12. Deep magenta hair

There is a fine line between dark and deep magenta hair color. In fact, it is so good that you will barely notice the difference if you do not place examples side by side. However, deep magenta focuses on intense undertones rather than going straight down a few nuances.

13. Magenta to pink hair

As in any situation where you can not decide on a hair color, you can always combine them. In this example, you can see how dark roots merge into a vivid purple, then magenta and finally a hot pink. Incite about your girly atmosphere!

14. Balayage with magenta hair color

Before we come in ombre hairstyles with magenta hair color, let’s talk about the beauty of Balayage. Unlike his eye-catching sister hairstyle, Balayage focuses on achieving results as close to nature as possible. It is also much easier to use magenta for a balayage.

15. Magenta hair color on natural hair

Just when you think that natural hair can not be more beautiful, voila ! Magenta does a great job of highlighting afro-textured hair. However, and we can not stress this enough, please only work with safe colors so that you do not damage your natural locks.

16. Dark hair with magenta shine

Often magenta is not used as a primary hair color, but rather as a sound recommendation. In other words, you can, for example, have a dark purple base and incorporate magenta just for the shine. A specialist will help you again to achieve the desired results.

17. Magenta hair color with pony

If you’ve ever doubted that Pony and Magenta fit together well, you can forget them. No matter what kind of pony you have, from dull, to side swept, imposed or short, you can count on magenta to give them a lively touch.

18th scene hair

Emo and scene hair have been a favorite among teens since the early 2000s. If you want to express your love of cuteness, you can use magenta to dye your long and multi-layered locks. The above example also supports our previous claim regarding magenta and some pony style.

19. Magenta hair color Ombre

As promised, here is a stunning example of a magenta hair color Ombre. Like any Ombre, just add magenta as your secondary color. We will also be presenting several magenta ombre examples for the rest of our article.

20. Blonde and magenta peekaboo hair

Does Peekaboo Hair Make a Bell for You? If not, be ready to fall in love. Peekaboo hair represents a colored section under your top layer of hair that “peeps out” from below. It’s easy to see why magenta is a popular choice for peekaboo hairstyles.

21. Magenta orchid hair

Depending on the taste, the magenta hair color may tend to related tones. For example, many women choose to get their magenta with purple undertones. The two shades work fantastically well together.

22. Light pink and magenta hair color

In addition to purple Magenta also belongs to different shades of pink. For more contrast, we recommend a lighter rosaton with darker magenta roots. After that, you can braid your hair to mark the two colors.

23. Magenta hair color on dark skin

We also show how Magenta hair color literally complements every skin tone. Our African American beauties can be sure that magenta will shine radiantly on their skin. In addition, magenta with pigtails also looks fabulous.

24. Dark Magenta Contourage

Contourage may sound like gibberish to someone who is not up to date on hair trends. The style became an integral part of beauty in early 2017 and thanks to the amazing way in which the stripes frame the face, he stays here.

25. Peach and Magenta Ombre

If you fancy an ombre hairstyle that you should not miss, mix magenta with peach. You can start with magenta at your roots and gradually disappear to peach when you come to the bottom. Feel free to change colors if it suits you better.

26. Medium magenta hair color

Not everyone is suitable for light magenta hair, and not everyone agrees with dark magenta. Alternatively, women who want a bit of both worlds can choose a medium magenta hair color. It will still be alive enough without going too deep.

27. plum magenta hair color

This year, plum hair color is a full-fledged trend in itself. However, you can make it even more fascinating by putting your plum on the magenta side. It is a small step that can significantly influence your results.

28. Blue to magenta hair

Another way to wear sensational hair is to combine turquoise and orchid. Although the secondary shading used in this photo is pretty lilac, you can add some pink tones to get it in magenta. As always, do not hesitate to use the colors the other way round.

29. Purple and fuchsia hair

On a similar note, you can change the colors of your hairstyle to purple and magenta. The two tones look wonderful in both Ombre and Balayage hairstyles. For a more striking transition, opt for the first painting technique.

30. Subtle Magenta Hair Color Tint

On the other hand, you may want to avoid pulsating magenta altogether and choose only one shade in that shade. For this result, we recommend using a mahogany base and adding only one drop of magenta to the hair dye to get the color tone.

31. Lavender and magenta hair

To continue our series of magenta ombres, here’s a combination that will make you think fairy tales all day long. Starting with the basic color of the lavender you can spread in the middle of the magenta.

32. Magenta Hair Color with Olive Skin

To prove a point with magenta hair color and skin tones, here is an example with this hair color against olive skin. It not only flatters this complexion, but magenta also highlights the olive skin more than natural hair colors.

33. Indigo to magenta hair

When it comes to hair colors, indigo and magenta go hand in hand. Using indigo as the main color of your roots will give you a cooler start. After that you will smoothly switch to the warmer reds of magenta and create a harmonious color melt.

34. Magenta hair color extensions

If you love braids, dreadlocks or hair extensions in general, you can enjoy magenta as a reliable choice. Just like with wigs or weaves, magenta extensions will not damage your hair by dyeing. Keep the color in your selection list when preparing for your next weaving date.

35. Purple and Magenta Ombre

Are indigo and deep magenta too dark for you? Then take a walk on the wild side with striking purple and bright magenta in an ombre hairstyle that will not go unnoticed. The gradient works best with long hair, but you can also rock it with short curls.

36. Rose Gold hair color

If you want to enhance the femininity of your appearance, consider rose gold as a near alternative to magenta. Rose gold does not have the purple undertones of magenta, but rather blond and brown shades blended with pink.

37. Electric magenta hair color

Nonetheless, electric magenta hair color will always have a great visual impact on anyone who sees it. We say it is the perfect shade for women who love intense colors and are not afraid to show it. The blurred roots help to balance the look around.

38. Magenta hair color lowlights

As with peekaboo highlights, LowLights do an excellent job of gently accentuating certain areas of your hair. As the name implies, they address the lower part of your hair, usually the second half of your total length.

39. Burgundy hair color

It is undeniable that Burgundy is a romantic hair color. We all agree that it’s a “more portable” alternative to the eye-catching magenta, while retaining all its purple-red tones. It’s a wonderful color for fall hairstyles.

40. Magenta hair color underneath

The creativity that you can put into your hairstyles, there are no limits. For example, you can be sneaky with your colors and decide to dye only a portion of your hair underneath. That way, you can leave your hair down and hide or pack anything to show it off.

41. Pale skin and magenta hair

Is not it amazing how magenta hair color looks to every skin tone from dark to pale? The above shot proves that you have a creamy white complexion and look absolutely magenta.

42. Pastel magenta hair color

If normal, light magenta is still not suitable for you, try pastelike options. You will be removing yourself from the classic magenta, but you will fall back on the girly tones of powder pink. You can add some magenta undertones to get closer to the original hue.

43. Sunset Ombre

What if you could catch one of the most spectacular moments of the day in your hair? Well, now you can, thanks to the sunset ombre. It combines gorgeous tones of purple, magenta, peach, orange and pink for results that will turn heads.

44. Magenta hair color with highlights

Instead of getting magenta lights, you can do the opposite and get lights on a magenta base. In this case, we do not necessarily recommend natural highlights, but an equally seductive color. Steel blue for example is a nice choice.

45. Three colors Ombre

Why settle for two colors in your ombre when you can have three? The 3-color ombre with magenta, purple and blue comes very close to a sunset ombre, but you can make the transition more abruptly between each set of colors.

46. ​​Magenta Lavender Balayage

Here’s another option for the lavender and magenta combination – to reverse the colors for a dreamy balayage. Start with a magenta purple at your roots and melt in lavender as you go down. You will feel like a princess.

47. Red magenta hair color

A reddish magenta, like burgundy hair, is easier to peel off in all social situations. You will not get any judgments while still expressing yourself through this cheerful color. Spotty roots will also help to complete the hairstyle.

48. Magenta hair color with plum roots

While some women prefer to keep their roots in a natural color to facilitate the growth process, others want to dye their colors. We do not talk about coloring your hair a solid color including your roots, but rather separately choose a darker color for your roots.

49. mermaid hair

Although we have treated some whimsical ombre and balayage ideas with magenta hair color, nothing compares to mermaid hair . What began as a trend has taken the young audience by storm, with breathtaking blends of turquoise, magenta, blue and purple.

50th Magenta Babylights

Finally, there’s another option to add just a touch of magenta to your hair. You may or may not be familiar with baby lights, but you should know that they are adorable. Add a little magenta accents to a dark base for a pinch of glamor.


In summary, you have every reason to choose Magenta hair color if you want to change your appearance. It is a bold color packed with attitude and confidence to reflect a strong personality. Make sure you take some time to study specific sounds until you find the best magenta for your functions and tastes. When you’re done, come back and share your story with us!

50 Magenta hair color Ideas for brave women women magenta ideas color brave

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