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50 short hairstyles for fine hair

Fine hair is beautiful, but also tricky. While it has a soft and silky texture, it can also completely miss the volume if it is not properly cut and styled. In addition, more and more women are opting for short haircuts, as opposed to long haircuts requiring care. If you want to take full advantage of your locks and spice it up with a sweet hairdo, look at these short hair cuts for fine hair.

1. Messy short haircuts for fine hair

50 short hairstyles for fine hair short hairstyles


We basically have a rule when it comes to hairstyles for women: messy is wonderful! No matter what short hair cuts you are interested in, you can give them more flavor by messing them up afterwards.

2. Pixie cuts

The Pixie cut is undoubtedly iconic. From Audrey Hepburn to Halle Berry, women have rocked this edgy album for years. If you have fine hair, it’s a great way to add volume and definition to your locks.

3. Short bob hairstyles for fine hair

Just like the goblin, Bob has been ruling for ages. We believe that it is one of the most versatile short hair cuts for fine hair because it has just the right length. Also, in our article we will talk about some bob hairstyles.

4. Bobs with side pony

50 short hairstyles for fine hair short hairstyles


Pony is a smart and chic way to deal with fine hair. There are plenty of ways you can get your pony, starting with one of the most popular modern trends: Side Pony. By styling your pony to the side, you combine comfort with glamor.

5. Easy to manage hairstyles for fine hair

Not all of us have a flexible schedule. In fact, countless women have to get up first thing in the morning to prepare for work or school. You can not always afford to put aside one hour for your hairstyle, so in this case we recommend a classic pony without a pony.

6. Prickly short haircuts for fine hair

What if you have a naughty personality? An option is always to present it through your hairstyle. As for short haircuts for fine hair, spiky hairstyles are always an option you can count on. Not only are they full of attitude, they also add volume to your fine locks.

7. Wavy Bobs

The cool part about Bob Hairstyles is that they work for every hair structure. For example, if you have wavy hair, you should opt for a choppy long bob that combines the best of both worlds. They will flatter your hair structure while emphasizing your natural volume.

8. Curly curls

Are you in love with vintage Hollywood vibes forever? Well, you can count on your appearance showing it. Thanks to the concept of loose curls, every short hairstyle can change from boring to glamorous within seconds.

9. Casual short haircuts for fine hair

In most cases, the short haircuts fine women look for should be casual, comfortable, and adaptable, in addition to being stylish. To get a haircut that falls almost perfectly independently into the room, seek the services of a professional stylist to get a dreamy silhouette.

10. Short ombre hair

We often associate the idea of ​​ombre hairstyles with long hair. Anyway, you can pull an ombre, even if you have a pixie cut. It’s all in the way you choose to show the gradient, like the chocolate and honey Bob Ombre long in the photo above.

11. Choppy short haircuts for fine hair

If you are struggling with fine hair, you will probably have a haircut that naturally increases your volume. In this respect, we have nothing but nice words for choppy, messy and teased hairstyles. They do not require meticulous styling as they increase the volume as if there is no tomorrow.

12. Bobs with highlights

Ombre not your thing? Do not worry – highlights help your hairstyle to give the zing factor. In addition to the natural hair color highlights play an important role in the lightening of fine hair. The fact that they emphasize single strands makes them appear thicker.

13. Stacked bobs

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the queen of all voluptuous short hairstyles – the stacked bob. In short, this haircut was basically created with the idea of ​​pushing the volume over the roof. In the back, the hair is cut for obvious reasons in short, stacked layers.

14. Short hairstyles for fine hair over 40

Here at Hair Motive we have a rule of thumb – Style white No Age. Whether you are a teenager or not over 40 , you have every right to embrace your fabulous sense of style. In this sense, we recommend flirty bobs for our beautiful mature ladies.

15. Overgrown Pixie Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

We’ve fainted over pixie cuts, but what if you tweak the classic version? What we know as the overgrown Pixie cut is a hairstyle that you could easily fall in love with. It follows the general outline of a traditional pixie, except that it has long bangs and strands all around.

16. Buzz cuts

Women from all over the world have been making fearless buzz cuts in recent years. Whether you want a blonde bombshell like Amber Rose or a chic and natural look like Keira Knightley, do not be afraid to skip the fineness of your hair with a Buzz cut.

17. Short layered haircuts for fine hair

Layered haircuts are probably the best idea for women with fine hair. Thanks to the cutting method, your strands will enjoy more volume than ever before. The shorter your layers, the more effective your hairstyle will be.

18th A-Line Bobs

What if you’re torn between a stacked bob and a long bob? If the short aspect of a stacked bob is too much for you, you should tune things with an A-line bob. Also known as the Reverse Bob, the A-line Bob has his name linked to the hairstyle by the angle of the letter.

19. Short haircuts for fine hair with short bangs

Pony can be beautiful, but she can be annoying. If they are cut to a traditional length, you have a high chance of getting your hair in the eye. However, all problems can be solved by cutting your pony an inch or two shorter than you would normally.

20. Feathery Bobs

You can now say that Bob’s are essential under short haircuts for fine hair. Thanks to their versatility, they can be adapted to all textures, including fine hair. But what can you do to maximize your impact? A heavily layered bob, commonly known as a spring-loaded bob, will do the trick.

21. Short textured pixies

We jump back to Pixies for this one. Creating texture is all in a clever haircut to complement fine hair. The most reliable way to do that is to break your short locks into short and numerous levels.

22. Medium hairstyles for thin hair

Not all women are delighted with super short hairstyles for fine hair. In fact, some want to incline with their on the middle side. If this is your case, familiarize yourself with the long bob. Let your hair cut inwards and leave it about shoulder length.

23. Color Mix Short hair cuts for fine hair

Apart from layering, dyeing is also a smart way to create the illusion of volume. For example, you can get a layered pixie or bob hairstyle as the basis for your hairstyle. Then you mix a variety of colors through the highlights to further enhance the effect.

24. Brushed pony

A pony haircut with a long pony has countless advantages. First, take advantage of some styling options for a short haircut. You can choose to brush up your pony instead of letting it down casually. At the end you have a trendy and feminine short hairstyle.

25. 3-way ombre hairstyles

We have just talked about improving your fine locks with the help of paint. But while highlights are always an idea you can rely on, you should never underestimate the power of a 3-way Ombre. In other words, you can add two secondary colors to your foundation for more dynamics.

26. Short hairstyles for fine hair and round faces

Finding the perfect short haircut for fine hair can be even more difficult if you specifically want for your face shape. For example, women with round faces find it hard to find the right person to surround their faces. Angles are everything.

27. Short hairstyles for fine hair over 50

To prove a point about beauty without age barriers, just look at how glamorous short hair cuts for fine hair can work for women over 50. The key to this approach is to gently relax your hair all around, if it is not already curly or wavy.

28. Balayage Bobs

How could we have missed balayage hairstyles? Recently, Balayage ombre has given a run for his money. It enters with the natural note that was missing from the previous trend, and we highly recommend it to highlight fine hair.

29. Headband hairstyles with short hair

Repeat after us: accessories are my friend. When it comes to personalizing short haircuts for fine hair, you should pay as much attention to hair accessories as jewelery or make-up. A seemingly insignificant detail like a cool headband can make all the difference.

30. Tapered short haircuts for fine hair

Your hair does not necessarily have to be the same length. In fact, experimenting with methods such as tapering can lead to an even more memorable short hairstyle. Step out of your comfort zone with a conical pixie cut with a long bangs.

31. Short shaggy hairstyles

Shag haircuts have made a huge comeback this year, and more and more women are choosing the sweet and sexy boho hairstyle. If you have waves or curls, a shaggy hairdo is really one of the best alternatives for working fine hair.

32. Reverse short haircuts for fine hair

We briefly mentioned the idea in our article, but let’s take a moment to make a critical style tip for fine hair – reverse haircuts. By trimming your locks at an angle to your face, you can shape every shape in a wonderful way.

33. Short Bowl Cuts

Just like Shag Haircuts, Bowl Cuts have taken the industry by storm in the past year. Whether for men or women, Bowl cuts now have a modern, edgy, almost hipster-like touch. Short pony will make you even cooler.

34. Short bridal haircuts for fine hair

Before you change to Bridezilla, take a deep breath and look at the options you have for short wedding hairstyles. Judging by the popularity of simplicity today, your bridal hairstyle can be as elegant as putting, tucking or braiding your fine locks behind one ear.

35. Short undercut hairstyles

We are all for rebellious hairstyles that do not even fit into “social” standards. If you say so, we recommend that you include an undercut on your short hairstyle. Leave your strands longer up for extra adaptability.

36. Wispy pony hairstyles

If you have fine hair, you may not get a full and full bangs. No matter, you can use toys with wispy bangs that add personality to your hairstyle. Share them as you want or leave them right over your forehead.

37. Short hairstyles for fine hair over 60

We have kept the best for the rest when it comes to mature short hair cuts for fine hair. You can even be over 60 years old and rob the spot with the right bold haircut anywhere. Leave all misunderstandings behind and go beyond that with a prickly pixie cut.

38. Curly short haircuts for fine hair with colored tips

Experimenting with color always helps you to get closer to the desired results of your hairstyle. Another example of supporting our claim is how colored tips work. Especially if you have curly hair, some of the streaks will liven it up nicely.

39. Super short hairstyles

Real grace has less to do with the length of your hair than with the way you wear it. In other words, you can have a shockingly short haircut to support your fine hair and be absolutely radiant while doing it with the right attitude.

40. Pastel short haircuts for fine hair

Whether you follow religious trends or not, you have to admit that pastel haircuts are one of the cutest fads of all time. They have an almost fairytale charm, especially when combined with short haircuts.

41. Mohawks with short hair

Nonetheless, Mohawks are a spectacular alternative for women who do not want to play it safe. In addition to the sophistication of a Mohawk haircut, you can also multiply the wow effect with an equally eccentric color.

42. Short haircuts for fine hair with arched pony

Arched Pony has been in hair trends for decades, so you need to catch a wave at one point. Although it helps to have naturally wavy hair, you can easily style it with a round brush and a hair dryer if your curls are straight.

43. Razor Pixie cuts

Bring the razor! Just when you thought the pixie cut could not get any more special, you find out there’s a hairstyle known as razor-cut. In essence, it’s a normal pixie blinded with an undercut or faint fade.

44. Side shaved short haircuts for fine hair

Alternatively, you can choose to shave just one side of your head for your short haircut. It does not matter if you have a Bob, Pixie or another short haircut – everyone will be attractive if you shave a side. Please note that it will take a while for the hair to grow again.

45. Short asymmetric haircuts

Asymmetry is luck when short haircuts for fine hair are affected. By choosing different lengths and angles for your hairstyle, you draw attention to the big picture rather than to your fine texture. Throw some highlights for extra magic.

46. ​​Emo Pixie cuts

We are used to seeing scene or emo hairstyles with long hair, with short layers on top. Still, you can get a perfect emo hairstyle even if you have short hair. All you have to do is concentrate on the long, layered and heavily side-swept pony.

47. Noticeable short haircuts for fine hair

You should never be afraid to make a statement through your appearance. If you want to completely stand out from the crowd, go out with your short hairstyle. For some it may mean rocking extremely short pony or neon hair colors. For others it mixes both ideas.

48. Short haircuts for fine hair with blunt bangs

Ladies with naturally straight hair can always count on the effect of dull pony. We love how they bring forth the eyes of a woman and the shape of her face, while making every short hairstyle even more dynamic.

49. braided short hairstyles

If you have a pixie or an even shorter haircut, you probably will not be able to braid your hair. However, everything can work from a short to a long bob. Turn your style around by creating one or two braids at the top.

50. Short Teased Hairstyles

Last, but not least, dare to live a little and raise your hair! With the help of a comb and a high quality hair spray, you can remove any trace of fineness from your hair within minutes. Just make sure you do not damage your hair.


To pack everything, fine hair should not be a burden for any woman. There is an almost ridiculous amount of short hair cuts for fine hair to choose from, which you are sure to find your perfect partner. Save your favorite pictures and reduce your options through elimination to achieve your dream hairstyle! When you’re done, come back and share your ideas with us in the comments.

50 short hairstyles for fine hair short hairstyles

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